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Starting In September; Disney Lorcana Saturdays & Friday Night Magic (Changes)

First and foremost, The Magic the Gathering Wilds of Eldraine prerelease is on Friday, September 1st at 6:30 PM, followed by the two headed giant prerelease on Saturday, September 2nd at 1:30 PM.

Huge Changes to our weekly events

August 26th is the last Saturday that Commander Night will be officially on a Saturday night, Starting September 1st, Commander Night is being merged into Friday Night Magic; This means that on Friday Night we will be moving future promo pack commander nights as well as points commander nights to Friday Night at 6:30PM. (Please note this means that there is no commander night on September 1st due to the prerelease). Saturdays from Noon until 6 will remain free open play for any and all games so long as room permits (we do have Warhammer, Flesh and Blood, and other miscellaneous events we run on some Saturday afternoons).

Lorcana Saturdays

Starting September 2nd at 6:30 PM Disney Lorcana League Play begins. Lorcana League will be focused on promoting fun casual play, collecting, and having an all around great time with the new Disney Lorcana game. These events will not be structured; meaning they are somewhat a free-for-all. Lorcana League Points (Not to be confused with in-store points) will be awarded for differing things that we will be able to go over in depth once our delayed promo kit arrives this week. While all Lorcana enthusiast and players are welcome we want to emphasize a focus on younger players and families when it comes to these events. These events are weekly and will cost $10 per player to enter, (draft and sealed will be offered at a increased price for those interested if product is available.)

Please feel free to message us with any questions, feedback, or concerns.

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