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The Best Value In Outlaws of Thunder Junction and Murders at Karlov Manor

Wondering what some of the best pulls are from Outlaws of Thunder Junction currently? Or maybe even what are some other great pulls from other sets. Please keep in mind any values given below are at the exact time I looked them up and could change.

Outlaws of Thunder Junction Collector Boosters

You will need to snag some Outlaws of Thunder Junction Collector packs if you want to grab these, all of which are currently over $100 with the top being Sword of Wealth and Power clocking in at almost $300. These of course are the the Raised Foil and Textured Foil versions, with their other versions being less.

Outlaws of Thunder Junction Play Boosters

While you aren't going to be pulling any cards over $100 in the much cheaper Play Booster packs, these all do clock in over $20 and that is their nonfoil versions, so their foil versions MAY be worth a little more.

Murders at Karlov Manor Play Boosters

While Murders at Karlov can currently feel lacking in the value department, it does still have a few rising stars that are sure to make opening it a pack worth it. All of these are above $10 and rising.

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