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GameStop & Amazon

We are the only video game store in NC to offer an extensive price match guarantee. Not only do we promise to offer more than GameStop for games you sell or trade us, we also guarantee to have the lowest prices among reputable sellers.

We will price match Amazon, and GameStop prices for items in comparable condition.*

Store Policies: Return Policy


We Stand Behind The Products We Sell!

Pre-Owned Games: Any pre-owned game found to not be functioning correctly can be returned within 10 days for a free repair. If we are unable to repair the game within 72 hours we will issue a full refund for the original purchase price via the payment method originally used.
Pre-Owned Rental: You may trade in any game back to us within 10 days of purchase in the same condition, and including everything it was originaly purchased with for store credit equal to the original purchase price minus five dollars or 10% percent of the original purchase price (whichever is greater).
Pre-Owned Game Consoles: Any pre-owned game console found to not be functioning correctly can be returned within 30 days for a free repair or replacement. If we do not have any comparable replacements and are unable to repair the console within one week we will issue a full refund for the original purchase price via the payment method originally used.
New Items: Opened new items may not be returned for any reason. (Please see packaging for any manufacture warranties)
Trade Guarantee: Games labeled with a trade guarantee can be returned within 30 days of the purchase, so long as they are returned in the same condition with everything originally sold with them for store credit in the "trade guarantee" amount indicated on the receipt (This does not combine with any other offer or coupon, including the VIP boost). If the item was sold for a lesser amount than the trade guarantee, trade guarantee is defaulted to 50% of original purchase price instead.
Pre-Orders: You may cancel a pre-order at any time, however you will only be refunded store credit equal the amount you have paid. We do not refund pre-orders any other way, this is with no exception.

All pre-owned items must be returned in the same condition, and with all items included in original purchase. Pre-owned items found to not be working due to damage (including rust or corrosion) due to causes beyond Our control including, but not limited to, misuse, abuse, riot, vandalism, theft, fire, flood, wind, lightning, freezing, power failure, power reduction, inadequate power supply, unusual atmospheric conditions, telephone failure, Acts of God, or any issues caused by failure to practice preventative maintenance. Video games priced at $4.99 or less are not covered by any warranty.

Store Policies: Store Policies


*Our price match policy only applies to pre-owned products and must adhere to certain guidelines. For Amazon price matches the item must have a photo of the actual item, condition must be comparable, and the seller must be considered reputable (have at least a 98% feedback score with at least 10000 reviews). Price match will also include any applicable shipping costs. For GameStop price matches the item must be in stock within 100 miles, and we must be able to verify comparable condition. For GamStop trade matches, disc based games must be in their original case (we must be able to reach a local GameStop to verify this). If we offer less than GameStop for trade in please let us know and we will verify it, and correct our offering if possible. We reserve the right to deny any price match we deem as frivolous, and we must be able to verify any and all items on our own devices. We cannot accept screenshots, fliers, or your phone as proof of verification. VIP members will not save an additional 15% on price matched items nor receive points. Price Match can only be used for cash purchases, and cannot be used with store credit, points, or any other offer or coupon.

**Due to the rampant issues of illegal reproductions and seller fraud found on eBay we are no longer able to offer price matching for eBay. This also applies to auction price aggregators such as pricecharting.

Store Policies: Warranty Disclaimer
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