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What is VIP?

Please visit our V.i.P page here

It says "We are unable to offer an estimate for this game online, please visit our store for more information."

This means our automated system is unable to formulate a value, and we need to see your game before we can give you a value.

Can I view console or accessory trade-in value with this tool?

No. Even if the tool shows you a value for a console or accessory (such as a controller) it will either be too low, or way too high, this is a problem with the way this tool calculates values and we are working to fix it. Meanwhile, you will need to call us or visit our store.

Nothing shows up when I click "Check Prices"

This tool can lag behind, and can occasionally take up to 30 seconds to process results. If it has been 30 seconds and the page is still blank it more than likely means our system cannot find what you are searching for.

Is the above amounts guaranteed?

No. This tool uses similar algorithms to what we use at our store, but because it cannot account for missing manuals, relies on the user's perceived condition, and a myriad of other things it is only an estimate that should be within 5% to 20% of what we offer (low or high)

How do you calculate your trade-in values?

Our system checks reputable sellers and gives a percentage based on condition, completeness, and current fair market value.

It says "You do not have permission"

This tool is meant to be used by our customers, if you abuse this tool and do not plan to actually bring in any games to trade you will be banned from using it.

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We do not guarantee to buy anything listed on this page, all items are subject to approval, and values are based on condition. The best way to get an estimate is to visit our store during our normal operating hours or set up an appointment with us via the chat below, or by contacting us via Facebook or Instagram.

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