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Gear Up for May Magic the Gathering Madness with Attendance Tokens!

UPDATE: 5/6/2024: This was originally posted with the incorrect token to prize numbers, it has been fixed. Apologies.

Hey, Magic enthusiasts! Get ready for an exciting month at Curiosity as we introduce a brand new way to score awesome prizes: Attendance Tokens! But hold your cards; it’s crucial to understand how it all works to ensure you don’t miss out on the fun or the rewards.

Core Support Membership and Wizards Account Required:

Before we dive in, please note that a Core Support membership is required to accumulate attendance tokens. Additionally, you must have a Wizards account and log in to Eventlink to participate in our events and earn tokens. If you haven’t signed up for a Core Support membership or created a Wizards account yet, now’s the time to do so to unlock these exclusive benefits!

How it Works

Attendance Tokens are your ticket to prizes, earned by participating in any of our Magic events at Curiosity. Here's the lowdown on how you can earn them:

  • Sign Up, Show Up: For events like Standard Showdown or Drafts, simply sign up and stick around until it wraps up. Easy peasy.

  • Open Play and More: For Open Play, Friday Night Magic, and Commander Nights, there’s a bit more to it. Fill in both your sign-in and sign-out times. To be counted as part of the event, you must sign in after it starts and stay for at least an hour. You’ll earn one token for each hour you spend at these events, up to a maximum of 3 tokens per event.

  • Don't Forget to Sign In/Out: Your responsibility cannot be overstated! Missing your sign-in or sign-out could cost you tokens! If you forget to sign in, we can't backdate your attendance. And if you're hanging out but forget to sign out, we’ll mark you as out if we notice you’ve left, resulting in zero tokens for the day. Remember, the sign-in sheets are absolute for events going forward; if they are missing your name, missing a sign-in time, or missing a sign-out time, they cannot be changed, altered, or otherwise adjusted. Period.

Bring Friends, Double the Fun!

Playing with pals is always a blast, and it’s even more rewarding at Curiosity. Spread the word, bring your friends, and dive into the action together! Plus, bringing a friend might just snag you some sweet promos, so don’t forget to ask about it.

Prize Breakdown

Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for: the prizes! Rack up those tokens to unlock fantastic rewards:

  • 10 Tokens: Non-Foil Promo pack

  • 20 Tokens: Foil Promo pack

  • 30 Tokens: One Standard Legal Play or Set Pack

  • 36 Tokens: One Standard Legal Collector Pack

  • Most Tokens (Minimum 36): Entire Play Booster Box of Modern Horizons 3 (in case of tie, it’s a roll of the dice!)

Note: Promo packs and Foil Promo packs are subject to availability and may be substituted for regular booster packs if necessary. In the event we are out of all Play and Set boosters, as well as collector boosters, you may have to wait until a restock, but rest assured you will get your prizes ASAP.

Mark Your Calendars

All prizes for May will be awarded on June 1st. This is a test run, so token amounts and prize requirements may change for future months, but we plan to announce June's prize information on June 3rd. Don't miss out on your chance to score big; we'll see you at the tables!

May Event Schedule:

  • Sundays 12 to 6: Open Play (1 token per hour, max 3)

  • Tuesdays through Thursdays 2 to 6: Open Play (1 token per hour, max 3)

  • Fridays 2 to 6: Open Play (1 token per hour, max 3)

  • Fridays @ 6:30: Standard Showdown (3 tokens)

  • Fridays 6:30 to 10: Friday Night Magic (1 token per hour, max 3)

  • Saturdays 2 to 6: Open Play (1 token per hour, max 3)

  • Saturdays 6:30 to 10: Commander Nights (1 token per hour, max 3)

Seating Warning:

While we do not foresee seating being a major issue, we are touching on it in case it becomes one. While we can comfortably seat 32 people in our game room, there are times when some of these seats are used for other purposes. Especially on Saturday Nights when we currently allocate 8-12 seats to Lorcana from 6:30 until around 8, alongside 4-6 seats for Standard Showdown. Then, from 8 until 10, 8-12 seats are allocated to One Piece. These numbers change based on how many people show up. Seats can also be affected by special events such as our 50th anniversary Baldur's Gate draft event on the 18th, where 8 seats will be allocated. In general, if we are at capacity, you will be unable to sign up. Therefore, showing up early and ensuring your playgroup arrives early can be important on busy nights to ensure ample seating. Tokens cannot be earned if there are no available seats.

Future Plans

But wait, there's more! In the future, we may also offer discounts on events like our Store Championships in exchange for Attendance Tokens. Additionally, we're exploring the possibility of introducing Attendance Tokens to other games, such as Disney Lorcana, if there's enough demand. Stay tuned for updates on these exciting developments!

Curiosity: Where Magic Happens. Literally.

Psst! Don't forget to join our Discord server for the latest updates and even more Magic goodness!

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