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May 2024s event schedule and updates.

Changes in Draft and Sealed Events: We've observed little to no interest in Draft and Sealed events beyond the initial release weekend. As a result, we are canceling all such events for May. If you're interested in hosting your own Draft or Sealed event, please special order the necessary booster boxes through us at least a week in advance. We will still host a special Draft event on each new set's release weekend. Our regular Sunday Drafts and Saturday Play! Commander events are also canceled for now.

Availability of Play Space: Our play space remains open and welcoming for all formats on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, including Commander. Friday nights will focus on Standard Showdown and Commander, while Saturday nights will be dedicated to our Commander Nights, where you can earn points.

Update on Promo Packs: We're updating our promo pack policy. Promo packs will no longer be offered from Tuesday to Thursday due to their limited impact on attendance. However, our Sunday promo pack offering continues! Bring a pod of three or more, and the winner of each pod will receive a promo pack. Please note, we will be stricter in enforcing this policy to ensure fairness.

Lorcana League and One Piece Tournaments: Our Lorcana League remains unchanged, with events every Saturday at 6:30 PM. Don’t miss our Lorcana Sealed Release Party on May 18th! Also, we continue to support One Piece tournaments, which will be held as usual. Check with us for the latest schedule updates.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we adjust our event lineup to better serve our gaming community. Thank you for your continued support!

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