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15% OFF

Receive a minimum of 15% off when you purchase pre-owned games, TCG singles, and most sealed TCG product.*


Earn 1 point for every $20 you spend with us. Points can be used just like cash at Curiosity. 1 point = $1.**

70% BACK

Get a guaranteed 70% back in store credit when you trade in any game pre-ordered from us within 30-days of release.*****

20% MORE

Receive 20% more when you trade in your video games to us for store credit.


V.i.P prices will never exceed MSRP (when possible) or 33% gross margin markup (whichever is greater) on most sealed product regardless of market conditions***


For sales events not tied to special events V.i.P members will always get 1 day early access.


Reserve your seat up to 1-week early for events such as tournaments. (Magic: The Gathering, Flesh and Blood, Etc.).******

VIP Pricing: Features

Choose your pricing plan

  • V.i.P Monthly

    Every month
    Pay month to month
    • V.i.P 3-Months

      Every month
      Save $4.98
      Valid for 3 months
      • Must be paid in full every 3 months.
    • V.i.P 6 Months

      Every month
      Save $14.95
      Valid for 6 months
      • Must be paid in full every 6 months.
    • Best Value

      V.i.P Annual

      Every year
      Save $34.89
      • Must be paid in full every 12 months.
    VIP Pricing: PaidPlans

    V.i.P must be purchased in store, and is only valid for in-store, in-person sales.

    V.i.P membership is for our loyal guests only, if you are found to be a reseller or representative of a reseller, or another store your VIP membership will become void without refund.

    *May not apply to some specialty products. Not valid on price-matched products, or in conjunction with some offers and coupons.

    **Earned points cannot be used to purchase gift cards, entry into events, or to pay for renewing V.i.P memberships.

    ***Curiosity will make every attempt to keep ViP pricing at or below MSRP when able, for some products this is not viable. Curiosity must maintain an operating profit margin of 33% on all products in order to continue offering them, this means in the event our distributors over charge us, these costs must be passed along. Products received on trade, even sealed will not receive this protection. Products without an official MSRP also do not receive this protection. 

    ***** Game must be traded in within 30 days of when we receive the game, and must include everything originally sold with it, and in near-mint condition.

    ****** Payment must be made in advance, and cannot be refunded under any circumstance.

    VIP Pricing: Text
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