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Commander Nights - Outlaws of Thunder Junction Season!

Skip Ahead: Already familiar with Commander Nights? Jump over the next section!

What are Commander Nights?

Commander Nights unfold every Saturday at 6:30 PM at Curiosity Video Games & More. This event is your opportunity to bring your deck, meet new players, and join or form a playgroup. Although there are no strict rules, Commander Nights foster creativity. We encourage you to experiment with new builds inspired by the latest MTG set (Note: This is encouraged but not required).

Entry Details: Entry is $5, or it's free with any purchase of $10 or more in SEALED Magic: The Gathering products. Upon entry, you’ll receive a special point sheet to track your achievements for the night and the season. Earn in-store points (1 point = $1) with each achievement, which you can spend immediately or save on your member account for future use.

What's New This Season with Outlaws of Thunder Junction?

Updated Rules:

  • Updated Commander Lists: With Lost Caverns of Ixalan no longer current, your commander must hail from either Murders at Karlov Manor, Outlaws of Thunder Junction, or Modern Horizons 3 to qualify for a 1.5x points multiplier.

  • Discontinued Bonus: The "bring a friend" points bonus has been discontinued due to low interest. However, special promos like "Get the Gang Together" and "Bring a Friend" will still be available for those who introduce new players.

  • No More Nightly Effects: Also discontinued due to low interest as most players have ignored them, so we did not create any for this season.

Modern Horizons 3 Season Insights

Launch and Integration: Modern Horizons 3 is set to launch in June. It will be integrated into the Outlaws of Thunder Junction season but won’t extend into the Bloomburrow season. This integration allows a brief period where MH3 commanders can earn a 1.5 multiplier, focusing attention on both the Outlaws and Bloomburrow sets without overshadowing them.

The New Points Sheet

Feel free to stop by Curiosity Video Games & More and dive into the excitement of Commander Nights! Whether you’re looking to showcase your latest deck or just enjoy a night of friendly competition, we can’t wait to see what you bring to the table this season. See you there!

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