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Navigating The Evolution of TCG: Adapting to Shifts in Flesh and Blood Popularity

We poured our passion and effort into the War of the Monarch Dusk til Dawn prerelease, as well as the product's full release. Despite our best efforts, the popularity of Flesh and Blood (FAB) has significantly declined. What was once a lively community of enthusiastic players now appears to have morphed into a market of speculative collectors, more concerned with potential value gains than the enjoyment of the game itself.

At our store, we're firm believers in the joy of discovery that comes with unsealing a box, and we refrain from box openings ourselves. We depend on our community to purchase items at the reasonable retail markup, looking for genuine engagement and enjoyment of the game. However, as evidenced by the Dusk til Dawn release, and the several sets preceding it, FAB has struggled to recapture its earlier popularity.

Despite this shift, we are committed to hosting Armory events as long as LSS continues to supply us with the necessary materials. Moreover, we've decided to introduce a significant policy change: moving forward, anyone present during armory events will be eligible to receive promos/playmats at random, whether they participate in the games or not. This change is in response to our understanding that not all patrons who support FAB are able to participate in events due to various external circumstances.

Looking ahead, we've made the tough decision to not stock future Flesh and Blood products in our store. Instead, any FAB items will need to be special ordered. This pivot allows us to better cater to the shifting preferences of our customers while continuing to support those still invested in Flesh and Blood.

We appreciate your understanding as we navigate these changes in the Trading Card Game landscape, and we look forward to continuing to serve our dedicated community of game lovers.

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