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Magic the Gathering Events in September

Here we will try to go over every single event and promo you can grab through the month of September; nothing said here is a binding contract as mistakes may be made; but I'm going to do my best to get all this information out... and off we go.

Commander Nights

Remember, Commander Nights are now a part of Friday Night Magic, with the last Friday Night of the month usually being a "Points" Commander Night, and the rest being "Promo Pack" Commander Night. Showing up to Friday Night Magic for any reason and signing in will snag you a random promo from the reverse promo binder which contains surplus promos from events of the past, stamped/special cards from promo-packs, as well as some occasional random Secret Lair cards.

Wilds of Eldraine: Open House

Friday, September 8th from open until close. Come in any time during the day and play some games using either Wilds of Eldraine preconstructed decks* or pick up a wilds of Eldraine prerelease kit and play a game or two. (while supplies last). *Preconstructed decks may be upgraded but must primarily be recognizable as the precon. Decks may be purchased day of, or you may use a deck you already purchased.

Wilds of Eldraine: Commander Party

Friday, September 15th @ 6:30 PM

Much like our Lord of the Rings Commander Party; our Wilds of Eldraine Commander Party comes with special materials to play a special version of Commander using a storybook.

Bring-A-Friend Promo

Anytime, While supplies last.

If you bring a new friend (someone who has not played magic at our store before) and play magic with them, both you and your friend will receive a Bring-a-Friend promo.

Lotus Petal Promo

Anytime, Starting September 22nd

If you play in any Magic the Gathering event starting on September 22nd at our store, you will receive a lotus petal promo.

Wilds of Eldraine: Store Championship

Saturday October 7th @ 1:30PM

Entry Fee: $40

Format: Sealed (6-packs)

Seats Available: 12

VIP members may pre-register for this event until the end of September, then; if seats remain anyone can pre-register until October 6th. We will NOT be taking registrations day-of. Other than promos there is no other prize support for this event.


Promos are given out on a first come first serve basis, if the promo is tied to an event; promos are given out based on who pre-registered first with the exception of "placement" type promos like those for 1st and top 8 for the Store Championship.

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