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Magic the Gathering Commander "Point" Night 8/26/2023

Not the Saturday coming up on the 19th, but the Saturday afterwards on the 26th, don't forget it's a point night! That means an interesting twist to gameplay along with interesting ways to earn points.

New to Commander Nights?

If you already know what Commander Nights are, skip ahead. For those of you that are new or may not know, we have a commander night every Saturday at 6:30PM, most commander nights we give each pod a promo pack to divide and/or reward how they see fit. But once a month (usually the last Saturday) we do a points night where we have some sort of global effect, as well as allow players to earn points (in-store currency) for certain tasks (like first blood). The cost to enter is $5 or you can waive it by making a purchase of $5 or more (if you pay $5 you will not leave with less than 5 points, if you waive it you are not guaranteed the 5). Please visit us or shoot us a message for full details or if you have any questions.

August 26ths Effect and Special Points and 1.2 multiplier

1.2 multiplier: March of the Machine, March of the Machine Aftermath

Global Effect: Shared Speed: If a player controls no lands, lands controlled by other players enter the battlefield tapped.

At the beginning of each player's end step, that player may pay {X}, where X is half the number of lands they control, rounded down (minimum of 1). If they do, each player may put up to the top X cards from the top of their library into their hand.

Special Points: Magical Mastery: Cast a spell in a single turn without paying its mana costs. [Limit: 3 +1]

Onslaught: Attack with 5 or more creatures and destroy at least one opponent's creature through combat damage. [Limit: 5 +1]

David vs. Goliath: Have a creature with ORIGINAL power of 1 destroy a creature with power 5 or more. [Limit: 5 +1]

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