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Incorrect prize information on some posts - Outlaws Prerelease

We sincerely apologize for any confusion caused by the use of outdated templates in our previous posts about the Outlaws of Thunder Junction prerelease event. We are committed to providing accurate information and have made efforts to correct any discrepancies in our earlier communications. Below, we clarify the prizing details for the event:

In-Store Prerelease Event Prizing:

  • Participation Reward: Every participant who stays until the conclusion of the event will receive 2 additional play boosters.

  • Prize Pool Contribution: For every participant who enters, one prize pack will be added to the prize pool. These prize packs will be distributed evenly among the top 25% of players, rounded down. For example, in an event with 8 players, the top 2 (25%) will each receive 4 extra prize packs. With 14 participants, the top 3 players will each receive 4 extra packs.

  • Additional Prizes: The 1st place winner will receive a collector pack. Additionally, a collector pack will be randomly given to one of the remaining players.

We hope this clears up any misunderstanding, and we once again apologize for the earlier miscommunication. Thank you for your understanding and support.

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