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Get Up to 84% Back on Your Magic and Other Trading Card Singles – Find Out How!

Hey, Curiosity Gamers!

We’re always on the lookout for ways to enhance your experience with us, making trading not just beneficial but also straightforward and rewarding. That's why we're excited to roll out a test run for our brand-new Trade-In Tiers program, aiming to offer unbeatable value for your trading card singles at Curiosity Video Games & More!

Why a New System?

The trading card scene is dynamic, and so are your collecting and gaming needs. With this test run, we aspire to introduce a trade-in value system that’s not only competitive but also crystal clear, especially rewarding our Core Members.

Introducing Our Trade-In Tiers:

We've designed our trade-in program to be as rewarding as possible. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Tier 1: Singles Valued at $25+ | Base Trade: 70% (Cash: 56%, Member: 84%)

  • Tier 2: Singles Valued $20-$24.99 | Base Trade: $12 (Cash: $9.60, Member: $14.40)

  • Tier 3: Singles Valued $15-$19.99 | Base Trade: $8 (Cash: $6.40, Member: $9.60)

  • Tier 4: Singles Valued $10-$14.99 | Base Trade: $5 (Cash: $4, Member: $6)

  • Tier 5: Singles Valued $5-$9.99 | Base Trade: $2 (Cash: $1.60, Member: $2.40)

  • Tier 6: Singles Valued $3-$4.99 | Base Trade: $0.50 (Cash: $0.40, Member: $0.60)

  • Bulk Cards: Under $3 | $2 per 1000 (Bulk trade-ins might be better suited elsewhere)

A Word on Market Manipulation & Acceptance Criteria:

The market for trading cards, especially "premium" items, can be unpredictable. To ensure fairness:

  • Market Manipulation: We reserve the right to deny any trade-in or offer a lower value for items subject to market manipulation. This particularly applies to special printings (e.g., surge foils, halo foils), items with low print runs, or those acquired in unconventional ways. If a card shows limited sales data or signs of price inflation by select buyers, we may adjust our offer accordingly.

  • Acceptance Policy: We do not accept damaged cards, cards in binders, graded cards, serialized cards, stamped cards, miscut/misprinted cards, or cards of which we already have four or more in stock.

Important Notes:

  • Values are determined by the lower of TCGPLAYER Market Price or TCGPLAYER Low.

  • We hold off on trading newly released products for the first 7 days after their launch.

This Is Just a Test Run

This innovative tiered system is in its trial phase, effective until the end of April 2024. We're keen to gather your feedback and assess how these adjustments improve your trading journey with us. Your insights are crucial as we contemplate making this system a standard feature.

Let’s Enhance Trading Together

We're inviting you to test out our new Trade-In Tiers by trading your singles at Curiosity Video Games & More. Help us make this trial a resounding success!

Stay curious, The Team at Curiosity Video Games & More

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