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Disney Lorcana Starter Deck Lists Revealed In Full

This deck excels at augmenting your characters' abilities, strategically acquiring lore from adversaries, and establishing board dominance using songs, items, and evasive characters.

Aladdin – Prince Ali (x2)

Aladdin – Heroic Outlaw (x1)

Aladdin – Street Rat (x3)

Captain – Colonel’s Lieutenant (x2)

Cruella De Vil – Miserable as Usual (x1)

Donald Duck – Boisterous Fowl (x2)

Dragon Fire (x3)

Duke of Weselton – Opportunist Official (x2)

He’s Got A Sword! (x2)

Horace – No Good Scoundrel (x3)

Iago – Loud-Mouthed Parrot (x1)

Jasper – Common Crook (x2)

Lefou – Instigator (x1)

Mad Hatter – Gracious Host (x3)

Megara – Pulling the Strings (x3)

Mickey Mouse – Steamboat Pilot (x3)

Mother Knows Best (x3)

Peter Pan – Never Landing (x2)

Pongo – Ol’ Rascal (x3)

Rapunzel – Letting Down Her Hair (x3)

Sergeant Tibbs – Courageous Cat (x3)

Scar – Fiery Usurper (x2)

Shield Of Virtue (x2)

Stampede (x2)

Steal From The Rich (X1)

Stitch – Abomination (x1)

Stolen Schimitar (x2)

Vicious Betrayal (x2)

The Sapphire and Steel deck synergistically blends powerful attackers with items, further complemented by subtle control elements.

Aurora – Briar Rose (x3)

Aurora – Dreaming Guardian

Aurora – Regal Princess (x3)

Beast – Hardheaded (x2)

Captain Hook – Forceful Duelist (x3)

Coconut Basket (x3)

Develop Your Brain (x3)

Fire The Cannons! (x3)

Flounder – Voice of Reason (x2)

Frying Pan (x2)

Goons – Maleficent’s Underlings (x2)

Grab Your Sword

Gramma Tala – Storyteller (x2)

Hercules – True Hero (x2)

Jasmine – Disguised (x2)

Kristoff – Official Ice Master (x2)

Magic Golden Flower (x2)

Maleficent – Sinister Visitor (x3)

Maleficent – Uninvited

Maui – Demigod

Mickey Mouse – Detective (x3)

Mufasa – King of the Pride Lands (x2)

One Jump Ahead (x2)

Prince Eric – Dashing And Brave (x2)

Ransack (x2)

Scar – Mastermind

Simba – Returned King

Simba – Rightful Heir (x2)

Smash (x2)

The Amber and Amethyst deck is ingeniously crafted to aid in replenishing your hand and reclaiming cards when they're banished.

Ariel – On Human Legs (x2)

Be Our Guest (x2)

Cinderella – Gentle And Kind (x2)

Control Your Temper (x2)

Dinglehopper (x3)

Dr. Facilier – Agent Provacateur (x1)

Dr. Facilier – Charlatan (x2)

Flotsam – Ursula’s Spy (x1)

Friends On The Other Side (x3)

Hades – Lord of the Underworld (x1)

Hakuna Matata (x2)

Heihei – Boat Snack (x2)

Jafar – Wicked Sorcerer (x2)

Jetsam – Ursula’s Spy (x2)

Magic Broom – Bucket Brigade (x3)

Maleficent – Sorceress (x2)

Maximus – Relentless Pursuer (x2)

Mickey Mouse – True Friend (x3)

Mickey Mouse – Wayward Sorcerer (x1)

Minnie Mouse – Beloved Princess (x3)

Moana – of Motunui (x1)

Olaf – Friendly Snowman (x3)

Part of Your World (x1)

Pascal – Rapunzel’s Companion (x2)

Rafiki – Mysterious Sage (x3)

Stitch – New Dog (x3)

Sven – Official Ice Deliverer (x1)

The Wardrobe – Belle’s Confidant (x3)

Yzma – Alchemist (x2)

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