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Discontinuation of support for Xbox One and Series X games.

It has become abundantly clear that the Xbox brand as a whole no longer aligns with our business. While we love all gaming, we have come to see in recent times that the Xbox brands views on the future are not something we agree with as a whole. We believe that the most recent Xbox consoles are more akin to a proprietary PC with a heavy focus on software license rentals and streaming than a gaming console.

While our personal opinions have very little weight in the grand scheme of the world, we unfortunately can no longer support the brands direction. Based on internal metrics we do not believe this will have any major impact on our operations as Xbox One and Series X software and console make up less than 1% of our overall sales.

While we may occasionally reevaluate this decision; this means until further notice no games from the Xbox One, nor Series X will be accepted for cash or store credit at Curiosity, and we will not offer any new game releases for them.

We will continue offering great trade in on most games from all Nintendo and Sony consoles, as well as the Original Xbox and Xbox 360.

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