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Curiosity Points Commander Nights 7/29/23

The last Saturday of each month is a special commander night where we throw a twist into the game, and allow guests to earn points (1 point = $1 in store currency). ViP members can store their points. Cost of entry is $5 (where you are guarantied a kickback of ATLEAST 5 points so long as you don't have any negative points) or you can waive your entry fee by purchasing any Magic the Gathering product totaling $5 or more (you will not be guaranteed 5 points if you waive)

This weeks effect

Burning Lotus: Basic Lands you control have "Tap: Sacrifice this land, add 3 mana of this lands color."

A player losing unspent mana causes that player to lose that much life.

Reminder about Commander Nights going forward

Starting August 5th, Commander nights are changing. Only the last Saturday of each month will be a point commander event (where players can earn points). The rest of the month will be promo pack events. To enter the promo pack events you must purchase a sealed magic the gathering product, and each pod will receive one promo pack for the pod to decide how to distribute. So August looks like this

August 5th: Promo pack commander night

August 12th: Promo pack commander night

August 19th: Promo pack commander night

August 26th: Points commander night

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