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Commander Nights: July & August

With our most recent Commander Night being free to enter with no points, and no effect we wanted to touch on what to expect moving forward.

July 22nd, Lord of the Rings Commander Party

Join us for the FREE Lord of the Rings Commander Party on July 22nd at 6:30PM. Come with your most fun deck and a positive attitude, ready for a great evening of Magic!

On July 29th, we're hosting a special Commander Night Points event. While we're still finalizing the full details, you can expect it to follow the same fun, competitive format as our usual Commander Nights.

Starting in August, we're making some changes to our event schedule:

  • Saturday nights at 6:30 will continue to be Commander-focused. However, the point events will now only take place once a month, typically on the last Saturday (unless there's another event).

  • On other Saturdays, to participate in the Commander games, we ask players to purchase at least one Magic the Gathering Booster Pack. This purchase will serve as your event entry (please note, points cannot be used for this purchase).

  • For as long as we have supplies, we'll continue giving out a promo pack to each pod during the non-point Commander nights, and let them decide how to distribute it within their group.

  • Points Commander Nights will continue operating as they always have.

  • As for our beloved Friday Night Magic, there are no plans to make changes to our open play sessions. We'll strive to continue hosting Draft Nights on some Fridays - the next one featuring Lord of the Rings on Friday, July 21st. Also, expect random promos/secret lairs giveaways to continue on Fridays!

Stay tuned for further updates and let's make the most of these exciting new changes. Happy gaming!

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