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Commander Nights 12/03/2022 (Seating Changes)

Up first I want to go over some changes to how players are seated, and changes to deck "power level". At the bottom will be the effect and special points for this saturday We are making these changes based on feedback that our current system makes it difficult to ensure you are playing at the correct "power" game for the table you are seated at.

We are doing away with the salt list and replacing it with a simple level indicator based on certain cards. To find the level of your deck, from left to right scan over the cards until you see a list that has a card in it that you also have in your deck, that indicates your decks power level. (Even one card within the a list will enforce that score on your deck) You can of course mark your deck at any level higher than that one, but never lower.

This helps by eliminating the need to count multiple different cards within your deck, and to easily assign a power level to each of your decks if you have multiple, and ensure you can still have rule 0 discussions before a game starts.

On the signup sheet, you will mark off which level decks you have access to and are willing to play with. You will never be seated at a table with a different level than you indicated. We do suggest having multiple decks because if we are unable to seat you, you will then have the option to sit a higher level table if one is available or you will be refunded for the night and be unable to participate.

Here is the level sheet.

Level 5? Level 5 contains a multitude of cards banned by the Commander RC, building decks that are of this level while allowed, will probably lead to an inability to seat you so we suggest not having only level 5 decks. We suggest building decks in the 1-2 range.

Saturday Effect and Points

1.5x Multiplier: JumpStart 2022, The Brothers' War

Effect: Whenever an artifact’s ability causes you to add one or more mana, add one mana of

any type that artifact produced.

Geared for War: Attack with a non-Vehicle artifact creature, a Vehicle, and an equipped creature in the same turn. (+2 Limit: 3)

Mechanical Combat: Have ten or more artifact cards in your graveyard. (+3 Limit: 1)

All Coming Together: Meld two cards into a legendary creature or planeswalker. (+5 Limit:1)

This is the last week of fully "Artifact" focused effects and points. We will do our best to mix it up starting next week.

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