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Commander Nights 11/19/2022

With The Brothers' War Prerelease behind us, Commander Night returns this Saturday with new point multipliers, a new global effect, and new ways to earn in-store points!

1.5 multiplier for using a Commander from The Brothers' War, Unfinity, or Warhammer 40k (last week for Unfinity and Warhammer)

*Transformer cards will count towards multiplier, however Retro Frame artifacts will not.

The effect

Scrap Power

Plane: Dominaria

"Begin the game with a tapped Powerstone token. It has “TAP: Add {C}. This mana can’t be spent to cast a nonartifact spell.”

Artifact cards in your graveyard have "Scrap X (X, exile this artifact from your graveyard as a sorcery: Target artifact you control gains all it's other abilities) X is equal to this card’s mana value."

Special Points

Special points earned throughout a game are only awarded to the winner of a pod, and to the player with most total points

Test Run: Cast a permanent spell by using an alternative cost (+1 limit: 2)

Urza’s Infrastructure: Control a permanent with “Tower”, a permanent with “Power”, and a

permanent with “Mine” in their names at the same time. (+3 limit:1)

All Coming Together: Meld two cards into a legendary creature or planeswalker. (+5 limit:1)

*the above information can change without notice prior to the event in some cases, but is not expected.

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