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Commander Masters, what to expect.

Brace yourselves, Commander Masters fans, for an exciting yet slightly unpredictable adventure! We're all buzzing with anticipation, and we're eager to keep you in the loop, despite some complexities tied to stock allotment.

Currently, we can't open pre-orders for boxes or commander decks. We promise, it's not a mystery novel we're trying to create here, but we need to wait till we have a clear picture of the final numbers, which we anticipate between July 17th and July 26th.

Now, let's turn the spotlight onto the positive! The good news is that we're ready to welcome your entries for the fabulous launch party draft event, coming alive on August 4th! If you're keen to be part of the action, do drop by - we'd be thrilled to reserve a seat just for you!

Are you eyeing the set booster box, collector booster box, or a commander deck? If so, don't stop reading just yet.

Given some uncertainties surrounding allocation, the availability of this set will be based on support metrics - a little hat-tip to our most ardent supporters. No worries if this term has slipped past you during our thrilling Friday night Magic and Commander Night events; we're here to demystify it! It's a friendly gauge we use to track your support of the store over the past 30 days, considering your purchase of less sought-after items and your attendance at related events.

Since we're in the thick of the 30-day countdown for Commander Masters, if you're eager to secure some coveted products from this set, your continued support would be like a golden ticket. Remember, the magic of Commander Masters is only as strong as the enchanting community behind it. We can't wait to keep sharing this adventure with you all!

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