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Changes to Our Pokemon TCG Policy and Inventory Strategy

As we shift our focus towards more popular products in our store, we have decided to reduce our engagement with the Pokemon TCG brand. This decision will prompt changes to both our trade-in policy for Pokemon cards and our pricing strategy for new Pokemon TCG products.

Changes to Our Trade-In Policy Effective Tuesday, June 27, 2023, we are reclassifying Pokemon TCG cards into our miscellaneous category. Please note that this change implies a temporary halt on accepting Pokemon cards for trade-in until further notice.

Modifications to Our Pricing and Inventory Strategy The alterations in our approach towards Pokemon TCG products are not easily summed up as they are multifold. However, customers can expect a substantial reduction in the volume of Pokemon TCG products we carry for the foreseeable future. Additionally, the products we do stock will be marked at an overall lower average price, mirroring our strategic shift away from this brand.

While we plan to maintain a minimal inventory of new releases, they will no longer be a significant focus of our store. Our hope is that the Pokemon TCG brand regains its momentum in the future, allowing us to reallocate more resources towards it.

We appreciate your understanding and continued support during this transition.

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