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Building A Brawl Deck

To better align with our core commander players, we have decided that our "big" events will be in the Brawl format.

What is Brawl?

Brawl is a Commander variant, you choose a legendary creature or planeswalker (Yes! you can use a planeswalker as your commander in Brawl) and then build a 60 card deck around it. Just like commander, you can only use cards within your Commander's color identity and you can only have one single copy of each card (except for Basic lands).

Standard Cards Only

A key difference to the vast sometimes daunting list of cards available to you in commander, brawl decks must only contain cards that are currently in Standard (Sorry, no Sol Ring). For our two upcoming events; Our Game Day on September 24th, and our Store Championship on October 22nd the following sets will be legal.

Innistrad: Midnight Hunt

Innistrad: Crimson Vow

Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty

Streets of New Capenna

Dominaria United

And don't fret, you won't lose any cards to rotation for quite awhile, the next rotation won't be until near the end of 2023, and then you can just turn your awesome Brawl Deck into an 100 card commander by throwing in some commander staples (like Sol Ring).

And don't worry, if you have an older version of a card that has been reprinted in one of the above sets, it is 100% legal (go ahead and play that copy of Corrupt Court Official from Portal Three Kingdoms)

We hope this goes a long way in helping our awesome commander players easily transition over to these events and have a shot at winning these awesome promos.

And as always, we're always available to help you if you don't understand something, or need help getting a deck off the ground.

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