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October 29th UnCommander Night + Costume Contest

With October coming to an end, our last UnCommander Night will take place on October 29th.

The Effect: Curiosity Academy

"You may play cards as though they were other cards of your choice that you can see from your seat with the same mana cost. You can't choose the same card twice. (Mana cost includes color.)"

This is a last minute change, the original effect planned for this night was creating an attraction that allowed you to use a mobile device to cast a spell if you won the attractions prize. Upon further review, the effect was overly complicated and would have been more annoying than fun.

Cards you can see from your seat include any card in any game in any public zone, please keep a note of what cards you have cast. (They must be actual magic cards within a game of magic that are legal for our UnCommander Nights)


Tokens! Control 10 or more tokens with same name: +3 (limit 1)

Steroids: Control a creature with combined power and toughness of 20 +3 (limit 1)

Gain 10 life, or Deal 10 damage in one turn +1 (limit 3)

Haloween Costume Contest

We will also have a costume contest for anyone interested in joining in, everyone including the staff will secretly vote on who has the best costume of the night, the winner will receive a $50 gift card.

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