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Ending focus on "New" modern video games for Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft.

While we knew it was a possibility, the inevitable rising costs mixed with the lack of intrest in physical modern games, Curiosity is ending our focus on new games. This includes all modern games from all consoles and publishers. Since our inception we have made a multitude of attempts to wrangle newly released physical games into our core business model including offering pre-orders with substantial savings. For now we are delegating them to the backburner so that we may focus on our retro game offerings, pre-owned game offerings, as well as our trading card game offerings.

This means that while we will continue to have preorders available through our store, their price will reflect their cost from distribution. Most "new" games that we have offered for $49.99-$59.99 will now be only available through preorder for $64.99-$74.99 with some PS5 and Xbox One games pushing even higher. This raise in price is a direct result of the continued hidden increases in cost from distribution.

Mass market and other outlets will most likely continue to undercut the market. These publishers also still publish their MSRP at around the $60 mark (although newer PS5 and some Xbox One games are even starting to cause them to raise prices). We must adapt to our own market and do what's in our communities best intrest, and new video games are no longer it.

These changes will have no effect on our pre-owned and collectible retro game offerings. Due to the low popularity in newer physical video games, we do not expect this change to have any effect on business as usual.

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