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Commander Nights 11/5/2022

With UnCommander month behind us, and The Brothers' War fast approaching were going to steal an effect from a new card that was spoiled from The Brothers' War in the Art of time travel.

We will have one UnCommander Night at the end of each month, more info on that along with some additional bans will be announced in the near future.

Name: The Temporal Anchor

Effect: "At the beginning of your upkeep, scry 2.

Whenever you choose to put one or more cards on the bottom of your library while scrying, exile that many cards from the bottom of your library.

During your turn, you may play cards exiled by this effect"

1.5 multiplier for Dominaria United (last week), Warhammer 40k, and Unfinity (Non acorn commander obviously)

Special points:

Dominaria Unite!: Deal damage to an opponent with card printed in Dominaria United (+1 Limit:3)

Indiana Jones: Control 5 or more nonland, noncreature artifacts (+3 Limit:1)

One Last Favor: Kill your own Planewalker by using its Ultimate. (+1 Limit:3)

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