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Better explanation of how promos will be handed out for Flesh and Blood Social League

We feel we might not have done a great job explaining exactly what you get, when you get it, and how you get specific promos and playmats during our Flesh and Blood social league play on Thursdays at 6:30pm

For starters, remember that we focus on casual play over competitive, our Armory events have been merged together with our social league, and we do not dictate what or how you play or even if you do play. Simply showing up, signing up, and paying counts. Although we do ask that you try to be a part of the community on some level otherwise you would only be getting 2 points a night.

October 12th, 19th, and 26th what promos the who what where.

Simply signing up gets you access to our reverse promo binder where you can pull one random promo from our surplus promos from events of the past.

At the end of events on Thursdays, we will

  • Give away one random cold foil Teklo Leveler among all participants of that night.

  • Give away one random Heavy Artillery among all other particiaptns. (One, not three)

At the end of the round (usually 4 weeks, but this is a short round of 3 weeks) on the 26th

  • The participant with the most total points can select a playmat from among this months armory playmats, a Melody playmat, OR one of other Surplus playmats *While supplies last. If tied, one participant will be randomly selected.

  • We will then randomly giveaway one armory playmat randomly among the other participants with at least 6 points. (note: the Melody playmat will not be given away for this)

  • We will then give out ONE random promo from among the following to each participant with at least 6 points.

    • Jinglewood, Smash Hit (Rainbow Foil)

    • Nom de Plume (Rainbow Foil)

    • Heart-throb (Rainbow Foil)

    • Fiddle-dee (Rainbow Foil)

    • Quickstep (Rainbow Foil)

    • Song of Jack-be-Quick (Rainbow Foil)

    • Song of the Rosen Matador(Rainbow Foil)

    • Song of the Shining Knight (Rainbow Foil)

    • Song of Sweet Nectar (Rainbow Foil)

    • Song of Wandering Mind (Rainbow Foil)

    • Song of Yesteryears (Rainbow Foil)

  • In total, we will giveaway a total of two playmats at the end of the round! And each player with at least 6 points should get ONE random promo from the social play promos so long as supplies last.

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