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Welcome to Now Live with Exciting Perks for VIP Members!

Introducing Your New Home for Gaming and Beyond

We are excited to announce that has officially launched! Although we're still on the hunt for any lingering bugs (please let us know if you come across any), you can now sign up without waiting for our approval. For our VIP members, be sure to check the activity points page after logging in to discover the various ways you can earn points simply by using the site! You can then utilize the CVG VIP tool to transfer your activity points to your store account. If you are a VIP member at our physical store, please contact us so we can connect your accounts seamlessly. Stay tuned for exclusive giveaways and more for all members of the site, VIP or not!

So, what exactly is is a dedicated social network designed for gamers and enthusiasts of all stripes, including video gaming, trading card games, board games, and the vibrant culture that surrounds them. Our platform aims to break free from mainstream websites that dictate what content you see, instead of letting you choose. Although we are still in the early stages of beta, we invite you to join us in building an incredible community that celebrates your passions and interests. Welcome to, and let the games begin!

Check it out now ->

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