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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Tournament information.

Starting on Saturday December 3rd, we will begin hosting tournaments for the newest games at 1:30PM every other Saturday (unless there are scheduling conflicts).

For December that means this event will take place on December 3rd, December 17th, and December 31st.

Entry into these events are $10 and tournament structure and payout is dependent on number of entrants.

For each entrant, 12 points will be added to the prize pool. ViP members can store their points, non vip members must use them before leaving.

Structure and Payouts examples.

Players: 1-4

Structure: Single Elimination

1st: 100%

5-8 players

Structure: Double Elimination

1st: 60%

2nd: 25%

3rd: 15%

Other Rules, Bans, and Information

While we are keeping an eye on official channels and may decide to adopt them in their entirety in the future, as of right now Curiosity will maintain its own banlist. As of right now the only ban is the move named "Last Respects".

You are expected to bring your own switch and copy of the game to participate. While power outlets are available it is suggested that you have a fully charged switch as all switches will not be able to be plugged in simultaneously. If you are unable to participate due to a dead switch you will take a loss.

Switch Systems should not have unofficial modifications of any type. If you're found to be using a modified switch, or using pokemon gained through nefarious means you will receive a lifetime ban from participating in these events.

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