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Points return for Commander Nights 2/25 - Ya heathens.

For starters everyone who comes out on the 25th who attended commander nights on 2/18 will receive a promo pack for trying out a different take on our commander nights. After listening to feedback, we will be going back to the original way we did Commander Nights. which means you will pay $5 to join, and be guaranteed 5 back in points at the end of the night, which the opportunity to earn more through certain tasks. (Non VIP members must use their points before they leave, VIP members can store their points up to 100).

The only change to this is the multiplier is being reduced from 1.5 to 1.2 for using new commanders (currently from Phyrexia All Will Be One and Jumpstart 2022). Everything else will remain as it was. You can choose to play regular commander, planechase, or two headed giant.

The special points for this week are as follows (remember, earned special points are only awarded to the winning player, and the player with the most points; if that is the same person, only that person will receive special points)

Corrupt? Absolutely - Give an opponent a poison counter. (+1 Limit 3) Armed for Battle - Equip a creature with an equipment with an equip cost more than 0. (Once per turn) (+1 limit: 3) Blood and Oil - Control permanents with a combined total of 10 or more counters. (+5 limit: 1)

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