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October 15th: UnCommander Nights effect & points

Continuing our October UnCommander Nights, we wanted to make sure everyone was aware of the effect and special points for this Saturday.

Get a 1.5 multiplier if you use a commander from Unfinity, Warhammer 40k, or Dominaria United. (UnPlaneswalkers from any unset are legal commanders for October, but only Unfinity commanders will get you a 1.5 multiplier).

The effect: "As long as your commander is from Unfinity, you may have a secondary non-legendary creature as your commander in addition, it is promoted to Legendary. You may only cast your secondary commander if you control your main commander.

{2}, say "what's your commander do again": Create a token that’s a copy of target commander you don't control. Activate this ability only on your turn, and only once each turn."

Being able to use any creature as a secondary commander can lead to some broken choices (we'd prefer to see fun interesting combinations). But remember, your main commander must be from Unfinity and you can only cast your secondary commander if you already control your main commander. And to add to this, keep in mind that your opponents can make a copy of either of your commanders with just 2 generic mana on their turn.

Special Points:

Only War: Use the Cascade, Unearth, Squad, or Ravenous mechanic. [Limit: 3] +1

Blood for the blood gods! Mainly inspired by the Warhammer 40k decks, utilizing these mechanics in anyway can net you up to 3 points.

Sticker Book: Control 3 or more permanents with at least one sticker on them. [Limit:1] +3

Stickers are here to stay, even outside of UnCommander. And contrary to what you may believe can be a major advantage with very little effort. You don't have to actually place the sticker on the permanents btw so long as it's clear that you "have" them on there. I personally just set the sheet beside the card and state what's what. While this only happens once, it's 3 points out the gate.

Phone a Friend: Get help from someone outside your game (because a card instructed you to). [Limit: 3] +1

There are a ton of Un cards that allow you to seek help from outside the game. It could be someone in another game, an employee of Curiosity, or even someone already knocked out of your game. If you can't find someone to help these default to "an opponent" but will still count for the points.

I think that covers everything for this Saturday. See you there.

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