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Friday Night Magic League (Starting in October) (Lost Caverns Giveaway!)

With the success of our Disney Lorcana League, we are proud to announce a huge change in our Friday Night Magic events to better align with how we want to see our events go. September 29th is our last "Commander Night" but fret not, as it is being replaced with a more format and community oriented "Friday Night Magic League" or "FNM League" which will operate as follows; Start time: Every Friday @ 6:30PM, Entry Fee will be $10, or $8.50 if you are a V.i.P member. This fee cannot be waived. Looking for free Friday Night Magic? Seating will be prioritized for paying guests, but if room permits you will still be able to just come in and play Magic for free; you just won't be eligible for promos, or other items directly available through FNM league. Players may play any format they wish with whoever they wish including Commander. Pod up, play a round of Standard, Modern, Pioneer, Brawl, or even Sealed/Draft/Pack Wars*. You can come hang out, trade cards, talk general Magic the Gathering and just have a good time.

Players will receive FNM League points (These are NOT store points) based on the following

  • Sign Up: 2 Points

  • Win a Best-of-3 Match OR Pod: 3 Points

  • Lose a Best-of-3 Match OR Pod: 2 Points

  • Teach Someone Magic the Gathering: 2 Points

  • Bring a Friend: 2 Points

Each of these point categories is valid once per night. Make sure to let a staff member know when you've achieved one. Note: For "Teach Someone" and "Bring a Friend," the individual cannot be someone who is already a part of the current season, and you can't teach someone who already knows how to play.


Reverse promo binder: Signing up gets you access to our reverse promo binder where we put a random selection of singles pulled from random promo packs, surplus promos from past events, as well as the occasional random secret lair.

At the end of a round (4-weeks) we will give away the following

  • Most Points: The participant with the most points can select a FOIL promo pack from among the packs we have. If there is a tie, one among them will be randomly selected to receive a foil pack.

  • At least 8 points: Participants who earned at least 8 points will receive a random non-FOIL promo pack.

Lost Caverns of Ixalan Giveaway

Magic the Gathering's next set Lost Caverns of Ixalan hits our shelves on November 10th, and we are going to give away a Set Booster box randomly among participants who earn at least 16 points in Round 1!

  • 12 Participants: If at least 12 participants reach the 16-point threshold, we'll give away two boxes!

  • 18 Participants: If at least 18 participants reach the 16-point threshold, we'll give away three boxes!

At the end of a season (12-weeks)

We are not quite ready to announce what we will be giving away at the end of this season, but it will depend on the overall attendance of rounds 1 and rounds 2, we will announce these rewards near the beginning of round 3. What we can say is it will be a random giveaway among players with at least 50 points.

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