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Disney Lorcana Season 2 Round 1 (Trove Giveaway, and D100 Giveaway)

Updated: Jan 6

With Season 1 officially behind us, season 2 is kicking off starting Saturday November 25th at 6:30 PM.

Join our Lorcana League Nights for just $10 per night, or enjoy a special rate of $8.50 per night for our valued Core Support members. These gatherings are perfect for players, collectors, and fans of Lorcana who seek a relaxed, non-competitive atmosphere. Here, you have the freedom to select your opponents and tailor your gameplay experience. As a family-friendly and kid-welcoming store, we're committed to creating an inclusive and enjoyable environment for all. Come be a part of our community and share in the fun!

What's in store?!

With season 2 comes ALL NEW promos and pins.

There is one slight change, the "teach" point is being merged into the bring a friend point. This is just because of confusion around what "teaching" meant.

  • Sign Up: 2 Points

  • Play one or more game: 2 Points

  • Win one or more games: 1 Point

  • Bring a Friend: 3 Points (previously 2 points)

  • Wear Your Favorite Animated Disney Character: 1 Point

Signing up will snag you a Cinderella – Knight in Training promo. One per person while supplies last for the season. (we have not yet received our kit, so these may be delayed because of thanksgiving but rest assured you will get them as soon as we have them)

At the end of each round (4 weeks)

  • Most Points: The participant with the most points is the League round winner and chooses TWO different promo cards from among Minnie, Bucky, and Robin Hood, then also chooses ONE pin from among Winnie, and Rapunzel. If there is a tie for first place, we will randomly select ONE of the tied first-place finishers.

  • At Least 8 Points: Participants who've earned at least 8 points will receive a random promo, and then 3 more pins (from among Winnie and Rapunzel) will be randomly given out among the players with at least 8 points.

Rise of the Floodborn Illumineers trove giveaway!

We'll be randomly giving away a Rise of the Floodborn Illumineers among participants who gain at least 16 points in Round 1. Please note that we do not guarantee a giveaway every round. This is an added extra when possible.

  • 12 Participants: If at least 12 participants reach the 16-point threshold, we'll give away two troves!

  • 18 Participants: If at least 18 participants reach the 16-point threshold, we'll give away three troves!

At the end of this season (12-weeks)

Lore Counters will be given to the six participants with the most points

Disney Lorcana logo pins will be given out randomly among participants with at least 18 total points for the entire season

D100 giveaway

We will be giving away ONE random Disney100 Collector's Edition at the end of the season randomly among players that have at least 50 points across the entire season.

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