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Commander Nights 9.29.23 Wilds of Eldraine!

While Commander Nights come to a close, with this being the last; and instead being replaced with Friday Night Magic League starting in October (Where Commander is still very much welcome among many other formats!) Here is the global effect and point categories for this Friday!

Global Effect: The Most Magical Place: Once per turn, during your turn, you may exile a card from your hand. If you do, create a colorless Enchantment Land token with "Tap: Add {C}."

Special Points

Simply Enchanting: Control five or more enchanted permanents [+3, limit: 1]

Time for Another Adventure: Cast two Adventures in a single turn [+1, limit: 3]

My Favorite Story: Complete a Saga [+1, limit: 3]

For more information about the changes to Friday Night Magic in October please read our prior blog ->

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