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Step into a realm of wonder and imagination at Saturday Night Disney Loracana League! This is your enchanted portal for all things related to Disney Loracana. Unite with other aficionados in a magical atmosphere where you can delve deep into strategies, appreciate the lore, and bask in the joy of the game. A regular pass is a mere $10, while VIP members can join the fun for just $8.50.

But the enchantment extends beyond gameplay! Accumulate special league points by not only participating but also by introducing friends to the fantastical world of Disney Loracana and guiding newcomers on their journey. With a variety of game formats to choose from, there's a perfect match for every prince and princess. Continue scrolling to unveil all the spellbinding options we have in store for you!

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Where Magic Meets the Mouse

Step onto the animated stage and face off in an epic 1v1 showdown featuring your most-beloved Disney characters. In this format, it's all about strategy, skills, and a sprinkle of fairy dust as you engage in a best-of-three match to determine the true Disney champion.

🌟 Highlights

  • Engage in a best-of-three duel, where you bring your favorite Disney heroes and villains to life.

🛠 Deckbuilding Rules

  • Deck Size: A minimum of 60 cards with no set maximum—just ensure you can shuffle your deck unassisted.

  • Card Limit: You can include no more than four copies of the exact same card in your deck.

This format offers a perfect blend of competition and nostalgia, allowing you to experience Disney magic through strategic gameplay. Are you ready to claim your happily ever after?



A Royal Gathering

Assemble your court for an enchanting group battle in Pod Games! Experience the magic of Disney Loracana in a whole new light as you compete with 3 to 4 players in a circular skirmish of strategy and wonder.

👑 Highlights

  • Revel in a multi-player experience, where friends and foes alike can be a part of your Disney adventure.

🛠 Deckbuilding Rules

  • Deck Size: The same as 1v1, a minimum of 60 cards with no upper limit—as long as you can shuffle your deck yourself.

  • Card Limit: No more than four copies of the exact same card are permitted in your deck.

From Aladdin's cunning to Elsa's icy resolve, see how your chosen Disney characters fare when more players join the fray. Pod Games provide a social, yet competitive setting where everyone can share in the magic.

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Unwrap the Magic

Step into the enchanting universe of Disney Loracana with our Draft format. Each player is gifted four booster packs from which to build their deck. Choose wisely as cards circle the table, crafting a spellbinding combination of strategy and serendipity.

🌈 Highlights

  • Each player starts with four booster packs, selecting one card at a time to assemble their deck.

🛠 Deckbuilding Rules

  • Deck Size: A minimum of 40 cards is required.

  • Card Limit: If you open it, you can use it—no card limit.

📢 Important Notes

  • Availability: Format is dependent on product availability.

  • Additional Charges: Prices may vary depending on the set or sets being used.



A Treasure Chest of Possibilities

Unlock a world of Disney enchantment in our Sealed format. Crack open your boosters and assemble a deck that's fit for a fairy tale, using only the cards you've revealed.

🎇 Highlights

  • Open your boosters and create a deck exclusively with the cards you've unwrapped.

🛠 Deckbuilding Rules

  • Deck Size: Aim for a minimum of 40 cards.

  • Card Limit: No limitations—if you open it, it's yours to use.

📢 Important Notes

  • Availability: Format is dependent on product availability.

  • Additional Charges: Prices may differ based on the set or sets being used.

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