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We need Outlaws of Thunder Junction Prerelease and Preorder numbers by February 29th!

Streamlined Prerelease Experience for Outlaws of Thunder Junction

We're thrilled to offer a straightforward and enjoyable prerelease experience. Here's what you need to know to make the most out of the upcoming event:

Pre-Registration Is Essential

  • Why Pre-Register? Pre-registration is mandatory for securing your spot. It is critical for us to plan staffing and operations effectively. Please note, same-day sign-ups are not allowed under any circumstances.

In-Store Prerelease Essentials

  • WPN Account Requirement: Participation requires a Wizards Play Network account. We're happy to assist you in setting one up if needed.

  • Entry Benefits:

  • Guaranteed access to the event.

  • A prerelease kit loaded with 6 booster packs, a special promo, a die, and potentially more surprises.

  • Two additional prize packs for those who stay until the event's conclusion.

  • A delicious slice of pizza.

  • Contribution of one prize pack to the prize pool for each participant, aimed at rewarding the event's top players. (Details on determining "top players" are below.)

Savings Opportunities

  • Bring New Players: Earn $5 off your entry for each new friend you introduce to our prerelease, up to a maximum of $20 off. New friends are those who did not participate in our last prerelease event.

  • At-Home Kit Discount: Participating in the in-store prerelease also nets you a $10 discount on an additional at-home kit.

Take-Home Kit Information

  • WPN Account: Necessary for purchasing a take-home kit. We recommend pre-ordering to secure your kit, with leftovers available on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Extra Perks: Each purchase includes an additional 2 packs.

Exclusive Sealed Product Offers

  • Preorder Benefits: Participate in any prerelease event to receive a $10 coupon towards any sealed Outlaws of Thunder Junction product. Join both the in-store and take-home events for a $20 coupon.

  • Preorder Deadline: Place your orders by February 29th to take advantage of these offers.

Event Schedule

  • Prerelease Date: Don't forget - April 12th at 6:30 PM!

Structured Prize Support

  • Stay and Win: All participants present till the end are rewarded with 2 extra packs.

  • Fair and Structured Prize Distribution: We've devised a clear and equitable model for prize allocation, ensuring a rewarding experience for our top performers.

Simplified Prize Distribution Model

To guarantee fairness and transparency in prize distribution, we'll employ a model based on the number of entrants. Here’s how it works:

  • "Top Players" Defined: The top performers are determined by their overall event performance, using win-loss records and tiebreakers where needed. The top 25% of players, rounded down, will receive prizes.

  • For instance, in an event with 8 players, the top 2 (25%) will each receive 4 extra prize packs. Similarly, with 32 participants, the top 8 players will each secure 4 extra packs.

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