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Warhammer League Wednesdays - Join the Battle!

Start time: Every Wednesday starting on the 18th @ 6:30 PM, Entry Fee will be $10, or $8.50 if you are a V.i.P member. This fee cannot be waived.

While the primary focus of Warhammer League will be Kill Team, participants can also engage in other approved formats (subject to prior approval and available space). Whether you're into Kill Team, 40k, Age of Sigmar, or other Warhammer variants, you're welcome to join in, trade models, discuss strategies, and immerse yourself in the world of Warhammer.

Please note that the store closes at 8 PM, and we won't be able to accommodate longer opening times. Therefore, we highly recommend playing Kill Team or formats that can be completed within the allotted time.

  • Sign Up: 2 WLP

  • Win a Game: 3 WLP

  • Lose a Game: 2 WLP

  • Teach Someone Warhammer: 2 WLP

  • Bring a Friend: 2 WLP

Each of these point categories can be earned once per night. Be sure to inform our staff when you achieve one of these milestones. Note: For "Teach Someone Warhammer" and "Bring a Friend," the person cannot be already participating in the current season, and you can't teach someone who already knows how to play.

At the end of each round (4 weeks), we will distribute the following prizes:

  • Most Points: The participant with the most WLP at the end of each round will receive a Kill Team (randomly awarded among tied participants if there is a tie).

  • At least 8 WLP: Players who earn a minimum of 8 WLP will receive a random Warhammer figure.

Combat Patrol Box Giveaway

For players who achieve at least 16 WLP during the season, we have an exciting giveaway. If there are at least 6 participants who reach this 16-point threshold, one of them will be randomly selected to receive a Combat Patrol Box!

At the end of the season (12 weeks)

We're gearing up for an epic end-of-season giveaway, but the details will depend on overall attendance during Rounds 1 and 2. Stay tuned, as we'll announce these fantastic prizes around the end of Round 2, based on attendance. What we can reveal is that they will be randomly awarded among players who have earned at least 50 WLP.

Join us for Warhammer League Wednesdays and embark on a journey of epic battles, strategy, and camaraderie!

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