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Standard Showdown Highlights, Exclusive Promos, and a Guide to Thunder Junction Pre-release Savings!

Updated: Feb 7

Listen, this is going to be a pretty long post; but I'm going to need you, yes YOU to strap in and read the entire post, because if you do not, you are going to miss out on a lot of important information regarding both the entire Murders at Karlov Manor season, as well as important information regarding Outlaws of Thunder Junction.

I am going to break everything down by dates, and I will do my best to keep everything short and to the point.

February 8th @ 6:30PM, or anytime there is room - Murders at Karlov manor draft

Come hang out on Thursday night and play some draft, or get together with 6-10 other players on any other day when we have room, any player who participates in a Play Booster draft event will receive one of the above participation promos. We may move this day and time around weekly to find the best place for it.

Muders at Karlov draft is $25 with a pack per win. (We cannot fire Draft events with less than 6 participants).

February 10th - Open House

Starting at 12 noon on Saturday, February 10th, you can get a special retro frame Underworld Connections promo if you join us for our Open House event. In order to participate in Open House you must be new to Magic the Gathering, looking to learn how to play the game. For those already familiar with the game, snag a friend or two that have shown interest come in and get some two headed giant games in and help them learn the game.

Entry Fee: Free

February 17th - Commander Party

As part of our weekly Saturday Commander Nights, February 17th will have a special additional twist made available to those pods that are interested. "Throughout their games of Commander, players will take turns asking "Yes or No" questions to each other, to find out more details about the identity of their fellow players. For players in the pod who guess an opponent's identity correctly, they will gain benefits that will give them an advantage during the game." Those that do participate will receive a special Rouges Passage promo.

Entry Fee: $5 or $10+ in Sealed Magic (Entry into Commander Night)

Every Friday starting February 9th (Weekly) - Standard Showdown

Starting on February 9th, at 6:30 PM bring your best standard deck and battle it out with others to win awesome prizes. The first event taking place on February 9th has a couple of extra prizes, Dragonlord's Servant being given out as a participation prize, and a copy of Sarkhan Unbroken being given to 1st place. For the rest of the season we will be giving a full-art, traditional foil Omenpath Basic Lands out to first place. In addition we will be giving a random foil promo pack to 2nd place, and a nonfoil promo pack to 3rd place.

Entry Fee: $5 or $10+ In Sealed Magic Product.

March 9th - Store Championship

Save $10 per Standard Showdown event you participate leading up to our Store Championship, enter for free if you attend all 5! Otherwise entry is $60.

Pre-Registration required, same day registrations not accepted. Nonmembers must prepay.

Mortify – Store Championship participation promo  (While Supplies Last)

Angel of Despair – Store Championship Top 8 promo 

Full-Art Dauthi Voidwalker – Store Championship Winner promo 

Outlaws of Thunder Junction Prerelease Savings, and Early Preorder deals.

Outlaws of Thunder Junction Prerelease is April 12th!

Starting with Outlaws of Thunder Junction we will no longer be hosting a second 2-Headed Giant prerelease event, we will only be hosting our main prerelease on the Friday. But we are increasing our open seats for prereleases from 16 to 32, and in addition will start allowing "At-Home prerelease" boxes again. Save up to $20 on in-store prereleases.

Also starting with OTJ, you can save $5 for each friend you bring to our in-store prerelease that did not attend the prior prerelease (in this case, that would be Murders at Karlov) for a maximum of $20 in savings! In addition to those savings, any player who participates in our in-store prerelease can snag an at home prerelease kit for $10 off! (As well as be eligible for any special promos/pins/giveaways that require two prerelease participations).

Members without restricted accounts may preregister for prereleases with no money due up-front, non-members or those with restricted accounts must visit us in-store and pay up front to reserve a seat BEFORE THE DATE OF THE PRERRELEASE! Prerelease events require preregistration, we cannot accommodate same day registrations. Please plan accordingly so that we can plan accordingly, thank you.

Early Pre-order savings

Now through February 29th you can preorder all that Outlaws of Thunder Junction has to offer with MAJOR savings off the regular pricing.

Play Booster Boxes: $149.99 instead of the regular $199.99 Collector Booster Boxes: $239.99 instead of the regular $319.99

Bundles: $39.99 instead of the regular $59.99 All 4 Commander Decks: $139.99 instead of the regular $199.99 If you are a member without a restricted account, no money will be due until release. If you are not a member or have a restricted account you will need to visit our store and pay up front. These prices will last until February 28th 2024 or while supplies last.

Get ready for an action-packed season at Curiosity Video Games & More! Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting, there's something for everyone. Let's make magical memories together! 🎮✨

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