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Spooktacular Halloween Costume Contest at Curiosity Games!

Join the festive spirit this Halloween at Curiosity Games with our special costume contests during our weekly leagues! To partake in the merriment, simply enter the corresponding league of the night. Friday night heralds our cherished Friday Night Magic league, while Saturday night is reserved for the enchanting Disney Loracana League. The entry fee is $10, with a discounted price of $8.50 for our valued VIP members.

Don your most creative and spooky Halloween costumes and immerse yourself in the thrill of your favorite games alongside fellow enthusiasts! The costume contest will add a fun twist to the night. We’ll gather private votes from all present at 7:30PM—note, self-votes are not allowed—and unveil the winners at around 8:00PM.

The stakes are high and the rewards are enticing:

  • The 1st Place winner will revel in a $30 gift card prize.

  • The 2nd Place winner will not be left behind, snagging a $15 gift card.

Come for the games, stay for the camaraderie, and stand a chance to win exciting prizes! We can't wait to see the imaginative costumes and enjoy the captivating games with all of you. Let the spooky festivities begin at Curiosity Games!

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