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Refining the Magic: Simplifying Magic the Gathering Shopping at Curiosity

In the spirit of transparency, we're keen to share some changes concerning Magic the Gathering at Curiosity.

Historically, our MTG product pricing was updated daily, reflecting local demand and market data. This system, which included non-member prices, VIP prices, and purchase limits for VIP members, was designed to combat scalping while offering the lowest prices. However, as distribution issues are being ironed out and the market stabilizes, we're adapting our strategy.

We'll continue to enforce purchase limits on certain products with large price gaps between market and our base pricing, but we'll no longer apply this as broadly or frequently as before. Limits may still be imposed on low-stock newer items or those with large price gaps (here's looking at you, Disney Lorcana and Commander Masters).

Our core focus now is to simplify the shopping experience for both new and existing customers. We aim to be your one-stop shop for sealed Magic products. As part of this, we're widening our product range and simplifying pricing, moving away from daily changes. We believe these shifts will make your Curiosity shopping experience more rewarding.

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