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Play! Commander Sealed Events (Sealed + Commander)

Updated: Apr 11

Update April 11th 2024: The prize portion of this post mistakingly said players would receive 5 points per win, this was meant to say 3 points per win and has been fixed. Apologies for the mistake.

This post will be dedicated to explaining the upcoming new format that will start taking place on Saturdays at 3PM the weekend after Outlaws of Thunder Junctions prerelease.

Starting April 20th, and continuing on almost every Saturday thereafter, Curiosity Games invites you to experience Magic the Gathering like never before. Introducing Play! Commander, a groundbreaking weekly event that combines the thrill of Limited play with the strategic depth of Commander.

Event Details

Command Your Way to Victory: Participants are encouraged to bring their own legendary commanders from the latest Standard sets - Murders at Karlov Manor or Outlaws of Thunder Junction. If you don't have a commander or fail to find one in your booster packs, don’t worry. We'll provide a generic, colorless commander—a 5 mana 3/3 with no additional abilities. Consider it a blank slate, ready for your strategic genius.

Deck Building with a Twist: Dive into your strategic reserves as you select 6 Standard legal Play Booster packs from any combination of the featured sets. Will you balance your choices or go all-in on one set? The decision is yours, offering a unique deck-building challenge each week.

Freedom and Flexibility: Construct a 40-card deck with no color or singleton restrictions, unleashing unprecedented creativity in deck building. Whether you're a veteran commander or new to the battlefield, Play! Commander is designed to offer a fresh and exciting challenge.

Rules at a Glance

  • Commander Choices: You can bring your own Standard-legal commander from either Murders at Karlov Manor or Outlaws of Thunder Junction. If you don’t bring a commander, or if luck isn't on your side in your booster packs, you'll have the option to use a provided generic colorless commander—a simple yet versatile 5 mana 3/3 creature.

  • Boost Your Strategy: Choose any combination of 6 Standard legal Play Boosters to construct your deck.

  • Deck Requirements: A minimum 40-card deck, including basic lands. More cards are allowed, but never less.

  • Register Your Leader: Upon choosing your commander, register it with our staff. While deck modifications are allowed, your commander remains your steadfast leader throughout the event.

  • Dynamic Ban List: We aim for a balanced and enjoyable play environment. Commanders may be banned if they dominate play, ensuring a diverse and fair competition.

Pricing, Prizing, and Promotions

Join us for an entry fee of $30. Victorious battles earn you 3 points or a booster pack per win - the choice is yours. Plus, every participant receives a special promo card (Chaos Warp, Arcane Signet, or Commander's Sphere) just for joining the fray, while supplies last.

Ready for the Challenge?

Prepare yourself for an electrifying mix of Commander and Limited play. Whether you're fine-tuning strategies or diving in for the first time, Play! Commander offers a unique battlefield where creativity, strategy, and chance collide.

Don't miss this opportunity to redefine how you play Magic: The Gathering. See you on April 20th for the inaugural Play! Commander event!

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