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New Twist to Our Giveaways: More Chances for Everyone to Win!

Hello Curiosity Games Community!

Have you ever thought about the peculiar nature of randomness? Like how your music player creates a new playlist when you hit shuffle to prevent the same songs from playing on loop. Inspired by this concept, we're introducing some exciting updates to our giveaways at Curiosity Video Games & More to enhance fairness and fun.

Introducing Our Updated Giveaway Rules

As of today, for both Magic the Gathering and Lorcana enthusiasts, we're rolling out a new approach to our prize draws. Our aim? To keep the excitement fresh and give more of our amazing customers a chance to win.

Weekly Giveaway Refresh

Our Weekly Giveaways are getting a tweak. Win a weekly prize within a 4-week round, and we'll give others a chance for the rest of that round. But don't worry, there are plenty of opportunities to score some great items!

End of Round Giveaway Revamp

Love our 4-week round giveaways? We're making sure more people get to experience the joy of winning. If you grab a prize in a round giveaway within a season, we'll let others take the stage for the remaining ROUND giveaways in that season.

Season Finale Update

The excitement of our 12-week Season Giveaways is undeniable. To keep it fair and thrilling, if you win at the end of a season, you'll take a brief pause from the next season's grand prize draw. But remember, your chance to win resets afterwards!

Always Something for You

Even if your name comes up when you’re not eligible for a prize, we've got a treat for you: enjoy up to $10 off ONE booster pack of your choice from our stock.

Why Make These Changes?

It's about enriching everyone's experience. We're passionate about our community and want to ensure that the thrill of winning is spread widely and enjoyed by as many of you as possible.

We're excited to see how these updates enhance your experience with us. Your thoughts and feedback are invaluable, so feel free to share your opinions.

Here’s to more fun and fair play at Curiosity Video Games & More. Good luck to all!

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