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  • Writer's pictureCuriosity Video Games, A social hub for Curiosity Video Games & Beyond. is live? Yes, but the site is very much in beta. I will be trying to run down the blueprint for the future plans of the site and what you can expect.

For basic members, the site will serve as an alternative to other sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram with an emphasis on gaming (Video & Tabletop), as well as giving you access to a curated marketplace of quality sellers.

For V.i.P members of Curiosity Video Games the sites future holds a lot more. is to be your hub, a way to see your accumulated points as well as earn more through just using the site, a way to quickly view your giftcard balance, connect with others, utilize a curated marketplace, and much much more. We also have plans to extend our V.i.P membership to our online store in the near future (so even if you do not visit our physical location, you will be able to take part in all these great additions)

There are a few things currently that are a bit out of wack, or don't work at all (like the private messaging system), and we also have had a couple reports of issues with uploading profile photos (we are looking into that).

If you sign up, please contact us via Facebook or Instagram or our email ( and we will get your account approved as soon as possible.

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