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March of the Machine Commander Nights 4/22/23

With the release of March of the Machine, we're introducing fresh ways for you to earn points. Starting this Saturday, to be eligible for the 1.2 multiplier, you must use a commander from either Phyrexia: All Will Be One OR March of the Machine, as Jumpstart 2022 is no longer part of the 1.2 multiplier.

For April 22nd, we have an exciting lineup of special points you can earn:

  • Phyrexian Agenda: Incubate, proliferate, or sacrifice a permanent (once per turn). [Limit: 3 +1]

  • With a Little Help from My Friends: Trigger three or more backup abilities and/or other "enters the battlefield" abilities of creatures that target a creature in a single turn (once per turn). [Limit: 3 +1]

  • Siege the World: Control three or more battles with each opponent protecting at least one of them. [Limit: 1 +5]

We've also considered offering more rewards for playing with Planechase cards. However, since not everyone owns a Planechase deck or enjoys this format, we've decided against it. Fear not, Planechase lovers! We'll provide tables that want one with a shared Planechase deck, and for those interested in using their customized individual Planechase decks, we'll go over the rules to ensure an enjoyable experience. To play Planechase with your own Planar deck, the following conditions must be met:

  • There must be at least three other players with their Planar decks.

  • Individual Planar decks must contain at least ten plane and/or phenomenon cards.

  • No more than two cards in a Planar deck can be phenomenon cards.

  • Each card in a Planar deck must have a different English name.

  • The game requires one Planar die.

Bonus: Free March of the Machine Set Booster Pack!

Share a highlight from your game on and let us know! In return, you'll receive a free booster pack from the March of the Machine set. Happy gaming!

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