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Less but more impactful points.

With our Saturday Commander Nights temporarily becoming UnCommander Nights starting this Saturday (October 1st) we are changing up the special points to be more impactful. To do so, we are reducing the types of points to three (which will change weekly) but increasing their point value and/or how many times you can get the point. This will reduce the amount of stuff you need to keep up with, while giving you an easier path to focus on. Evergreen points will remain unchanged.

Please see our other posts for info regarding October Uncommander (This is for the month of October ONLY)

For October 1st the three special points you can get are

Unallowed: Cast a silver border card [Limit: 3] +1

Pretty simple, we're still one week out so 'acorn' cards aren't available yet, but Silver boarder legality starts October 1st. You can get this point up to three times.

Rejected: Get rejected on a Truth or Dare [Limit: 3] +1

Playing off our truth or dare effect on October 1st, all you have to do is get someone to refuse. You get a point, and draw three cards; sounds like a win to me.

Historical: Control an Artifact, Saga, and Legendary Permanent at the same time [Limit: 1] +3

Dominaria United isn't anywhere near the grave yet, so make your game historical. This one only happens once, but nets you 3 points.

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