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Introducing Our Updated Magic the Gathering Trade-In Policy Starting September 12, 2023

As the landscape of the Magic the Gathering industry evolves, so must we. To better align with industry trends and cater to our local community’s preferences, Curiosity Video Games & More is introducing some important changes to our card trade-in system starting Tuesday, September 12, 2023.

No More Stamped Cards

Effective immediately, we will no longer accept stamped cards. This includes cards with promo stamps and prerelease stamps. This decision stems from the observation that stamped cards complicate our inventory system and tend to sell less frequently than their non-stamped counterparts. They are also susceptible to market manipulation, challenging to price accurately, and prone to errors during inventory management.

New Flat-Rate Trade-In Updates

For cards with a market value over $10, we're transitioning to a straightforward flat-rate base trade-in value of 50%. VIP members will benefit from an additional 20% on this rate. For example, if a card is valued at $30, its base trade-in value will be $15, and VIP members will receive $18.

Tiered System for Lower-Value Cards

For cards valued under $10, we're implementing a tiered trade-in system as follows:

  • Cards between $5 and $9.99: $2 base trade-in value

  • Cards between $3 and $4.99: $0.50 base trade-in value

  • Cards under $3: Considered bulk, with a base trade-in value of $2 per 1,000 cards

Note: We have limited interest in bulk cards and may decline large bulk collections.

Trade-In Rates for New Releases and Market Fluctuations

For the first 14 days following a set's official release in our store, we will offer reduced trade-in rates to allow the market to stabilize. Additionally, cards flagged by our system as being susceptible to market manipulation will also be traded at these reduced rates.

  • Cards valued at $10+: 30% base trade-in

  • Cards valued between $5 and $9.99: $1 base trade-in

  • Cards valued under $3: Considered as bulk

Why Are We Making These Changes?

These updates aim to create a more efficient, competitive, and fair pricing structure for our Magic the Gathering offerings. We will continue to closely monitor market conditions, as well as our community's interests and spending habits, to make future adjustments as necessary.

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