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Friday Night Brawl "sideboading" rule update.

First we would like to give a huge congratulations to April Sprague for taking First, and thank everyone for coming out to the first Friday Night Brawl event.

With that being said, we will be making a big change to future events regarding "sideboading" to help matchups not feel stale. Previously we stated that in between games within a match a player could exchange their commander for another legal Commander within their deck for games 2 and 3 but must return to their original Commander at the start of a new match.

Starting with our second Friday Night Brawl event this is being updated as follows

Brawl matches will continue to be best 2 out of 3 games with matches running 50 minutes.

Players may bring up to three different complete Brawl decks, one main Brawl Deck and two alternate decks. All possible commanders must be registered (we do not currently require decklists for these events, but all commanders you may use must be registered)

In-between games the player who lost the game may do any of the following

A.) Simply exchange their main commander with another legal Commander from within their main deck.

B.) Switch to one of their alternate decks (choosing a legal Commander from within that deck)

When starting a new match, all players must return to their original main deck with their original main Commander.

The winning player of a game may not make any changes to their deck In-between games.

No player may exchange cards within or between decks or add cards from outside the game to any deck during an event, and cards that refer to outside the game do not function within Brawl. Brawl decks DO NOT have sideboards.

Because of the singleton nature of Brawl and to soften the blow and to not force players to purchase multiple copies of expensive staples we do not mind if you have a couple (AND WE MEAN 2 or 3) cards that you may have in your main deck to have placeholder cards in your alternate decks in order to test them prior to purchasing them. These cards must clearly and obviously mark what they are and you must represent them with the real card when they are in a public zone. (Do not abuse this, please purchase all cards when viable). Proxies are not legal for these events under any circumstances.

These changes were made to give more credence to deckbuilding creativity and make an effort towards not allowing "good stuff" decks to make these events stale.

These changes DO NOT effect our upcoming Game Day and Store Championship events, those events will retain the original ruling of only having one deck and being able to exchange your commander between games from within that deck. Future Game Day and Store Championship events may adapt these new rules if we find it to be a more enjoyable experience.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

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