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Flesh and Blood Ultimate Pit Fight+ Updates for 12/31/22

Using feedback from the last event, here are the updated rules for our Flesh and Blood Ultimate Pit Fight+ events. We will continue to improve upon this as we playtest it.

(attempting to not write a book)

  • Life is always 40 (regardless of hero)

  • Intellect ("hand-size") is +1 per opponent past the first (in 4 player pods, your intellect is +2)

  • Arsenal zones is +1 per opponent past the first.

  • Main deck size is 40-60 (we recommend 60, but want regular blitz decks to still be playable)

Extra Intellect and Arsenal zones are checked at each end step; this means if an opponent died your hand size will go down by 1, and your arsenal zone will go down by 1. (You can only draw up to your new intellect, and you must discard down to your max arsenal size)

There were some changes to the banlist as well. The following cards are now allowed for play


Bloodsheath Skeleta

Heartened Cross Strap

Mask of the Pouncing Lynx

Stubby Hammerers

Cards that will remain banned

Aether Wildfire

Ball Lightning

Drone of Brutality


Go Bananas

Ruu'di, Gem Keeper


Stir the Aetherwind

Yorick, Weaver of Tales

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