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Flesh and Blood Ultimate Pit Fight+ Armory Events.

All future Armory events at Curiosity for the foreseeable future will be held in the multiplayer varient Ultimate Pit Fighter+ format. These events will cost $5 to enter, you will be guaranteed to get a minimum of 5 points back which is equivalent to $5 to spend in store. Players will be able to earn more points through gameplay. (Vip members can store points, non Vip members must use them before leaving)

These events are casual and newcomer friendly, we have have free Ira decks to hand out to get you started! (while supplies last)

Promos and Playmats

For Armory events, we will always* randomly hand out one playmat and atleast one (usually 2) "high tier" promos per event. All other participants will receive at least one participation promo per event. Participation promos are chosen from current Armory participation promos first, and if we run out you will randomly select a promo from past events/armorys from a reverse sleeved promo binder. (*Allways subject to availability while supplies last).

What is Ultimate Pit Fight+?

Ultimate Pit Fight+ is a self created variant to the official UPF format. Knowing the rules to that are however unnecessary. It is important to keep in mind that these rules are evolving, and may change. While some of this may seem complex, most of these rules are just scaling to the difference in having more than one opponent.

In UPF+ you bring a 40 card blitz deck (and up to 11 inventory cards), and play in a pod of 3 or 4 players.

A Blitz deck contains up to 52 cards, being:

40 cards you will shuffle up and start the game with in your deck zone.

Up to 11 inventory cards (weapons and equipment) that you will choose from during start-of-game procedure (see below).

1 young hero card you play as!

A deck may contain up to 2 copies of each unique card. A card is unique if it has a different card name or pitch value from any other card. (e.g. Sink Below pitch {r} is unique from Sink Below pitch {r}{r}{r}. You can have up to 2 copies of each version of Sink Below in your deck.)

A deck may only contain Generic cards and cards with the same class and/or talent as your hero card. A deck must also comply with Curiosity's UPF+ card legality policy for official play. (Card Legality policy is at the bottom of this post).

General Start of Game procedure

  1. All players reveal their hero card, then;

  2. A random method is used to determine who chooses to play first, then;

  3. All players choose the equipment and weapons (chosen from their 11 card inventory) they will use for this game, then;

  4. All players shuffle and present their 40 card deck to an opponent for final shuffle and/or cut.

  5. All players reveal the weapon(s) and equipment they have chosen for this game, draw cards up to their hero's intellect, and begin the first turn of the game.

Specific UPF+ Startup Rules

  • A player's life total is +5 for each opponent past the first.

  • A player's intellect (hand size) is +2 for each opponent past the first.

    • Intellect scales down as your opponents are defeated. When you draw up, ensure you are drawing the correct number.

  • You have +1 additional arsenal zone for each opponent past the first.

    • Additional arsenal zones scale down as your opponents are defeated. If at the end of your turn you have more arsenal zones than you do opponents you must send to the graveyard any additional unused cards leaving only the legal number. (Unless another effect grants you the additional zone).

UPF+ Action Phase

If you are a newcomer we suggest reading about the general turn structure over at and/or visiting the store to learn the basics. These events are always newcomer friendly, so we can go over this in more detail. For those who already know the basics however, here are some important changes.

  • Each combat chain for each opponent is a separate interaction. This means to attack/target/anything with a new opponent you must first close any chain you have open with another player.

  • You will have a new action phase for each opponent, at the start of an action phase if you have no remaining actions, you will gain 1 action point.

    • You can carry over action points you've gained to a new action phase, but you won't receive the 1 if you already have any.

  • In order of priority; any player (not just those currently fighting) may add attack reactions onto that chain, and then may add any defense reactions, and back and forth until no more reactions are added.

    • Remember, you must pay resources for reactions

    • Players outside the combat chain can only add reactions. Those players cannot add actions.

  • Instants: Priority is always passed in turn order, any player may play an instant when they have priority. 

If the player whose turn it is doesn't have any Action Points remaining, or has no further attacks to play, move all cards from the Combat Zone to their owners’ graveyards, with the exception of weapons and equipment which return to their respective zones (to use again in a future turn).

When you’re out of Action Points and have nothing else to do, you move to the end phase. Put any cards in your Pitch Zone on the bottom of your deck in any order.

UPF+ Specific end phase

  • If you have more arsenal zones than you do opponents and no other effect is granting you an additional zone, choose a number of arsenal zones equal to the number of opponents you have, then send all other arsenal cards to your graveyard. 

  • Draw cards equal to you intellect, plus an additional 2 for each opponent you have past the first.

Haven't taken a turn yet?

At the end of each turn, if you haven't taken a turn you will also draw up.

Card Legality Policy 

Curiosity individually maintains the banlist for UPF+. For now, we are starting with the baseline banlist from blitz which includes

Aether Wildfire


Ball Lightning

Bloodsheath Skeleta

Drone of Brutality


Go Bananas

Heartened Cross Strap

Mask of the Pouncing Lynx

Ruu'di, Gem Keeper


Stir the Aetherwind

Stubby Hammerers

Yorick, Weaver of Tales

Special Use Promos that ARE legal include

Hummingbird, Call of Adventure*

Proclamation of Requisition

Shitty Xmas Present

Taipanis, Dracai of Judgement

Tales of Adventure*

Taylor (On watchlist)

*the only Bard hero is currently banned making these currently unplayable. 

We are not however carrying over the living legend list, and instead creating our own Living Legend list for UPF+ which currently includes no cards.

How will a hero receive living legend status in UPF+?

A hero must accumulate 500 living legend points

Whenever a hero wins 1st at a pod, it will receive 20 points.

  • This system is a little skewed because we are the only ones running this, this of course could be adjusted in the future. And we reserve the right to suspend anything outside the spirit of casual multiplayer. 

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