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Flesh and Blood & Legions Realms at War upcoming event day/time and structure changes.

For simplicity sake, we are combining this announcement about both games into one post.

The plan is to have a rotation on every other Saturday of the month at 1:30 PM (one weekend will be flesh and blood, then the next will be legions). These events will be made free, sometimes with the option of a $10 prize pack support entry (more information below) and will be reduced to a 12 player cap because we need to keep our other two tables open for general free play. 1st place will get first pick at a promo or playmat and the rest will be handed out at random. (So long as we have them).

This change is to help promote fun experiences and help promote these games to new-comers. We are entering a time in the economy where we must make hard choices, and are no longer able to continue being open past our regular hours. We plan to make these changes starting in October.

Because the 1:30pm Saturday time frame is also sometimes used for odd and end magic events such as our upcoming Game Day and Store Championship, those weeks will be skipped. We will try our best to keep everyone up to date with what the month looks like ahead of time.

If you have any feedback please let us know.

Optional Prize Pack Support

When we have booster packs available for either game, we will allow players the option to pay $10 to put two packs into the prize pool. The break down on winning is as follows for those that pay for prize pack support (meaning even if you don't come in first in the overall event, if you are highest ranked among those that have prize pack support you get that prize). Prize packs will usually be the latest set, but may be older sets. We will make it clear what they are day of the event. Prize pack support may be unavailable if we do not have any packs.

1st place: 50% of prize support rounded down

2nd place: 25% of prize support rounded down

3rd place: 25% of prize support rounded down

So if 10 people enter an event and 6 people opt for prize pack support 12 packs will be in the pool. The highest ranking of those 6 will get 6 packs, the second and third highest ranking of those 6 will get 3 packs each. In the event there is an extra packs they will be randomly given to out to other non winning players who payed for prize pack support.

Bigger events Prerelease, etc

Events like Prereleases or Skirmish events will probably still be on Sundays for both games, we will make these choices on a case by case basis.

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