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February 25th 2024: CEDH Tournament [INVITE ONLY!] $100 prize

Date: Sunday, February 25th at 1:30 PM

Exciting News for Commander Enthusiasts!

We at Curiosity Games are thrilled to announce an exclusive, invite-only Competitive Elder Dragon Highlander (CEDH) event, slated for Sunday, February 25th at 1:30 PM. This special event is designed to bring together the best of the best in a high-stakes, thrilling competition.

Entry and Prizes:

  • Entry Fee: $30

  • Grand Prize: Each pod champion will walk away with a whopping $100!

How to Secure Your Spot:

  • Invitation Criteria: Entry to this elite event is by invitation only, with invitations extended by the store to our distinguished regulars.

  • Nomination Process: If you're a regular, feel free to nominate yourself or someone else who may not be a regular but shows great potential. While not all nominees will be selected, we encourage you to put forward names of players who you think will add to the competitive spirit of the event. (A regular is defined as someone who has participated in at least 5 events within the past 60 days.)

The Challenge:

  • Deck Restrictions: None! Bring your strongest, most strategic decks. This is your chance to showcase your skill without any budget or deck restrictions.*

Why You Can't Miss This:

  • Experience intense, high-level CEDH play.

  • Connect and compete with other top-tier players.

  • Win substantial prizes and gain bragging rights in the community.

Have Questions or Want to Nominate?

Get in touch! We're here to answer any questions you have about the event or the nomination process. Drop us a message, call, or swing by the store.

Ready for the Ultimate CEDH Challenge?

Sharpen your skills, prepare your decks, and get ready for an unforgettable day of strategy, competition, and fun. We can't wait to see who will reign supreme!

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